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prof. dr. Camiel Boon

Eye Specialist and Professor Ophthamology at Amsterdam UMC

‘The Eye is such a beautiful and wonderous small organ. An instrument with a super speciality with which we can view our surroundings with all the details of its beauty and complexity. Unfortunately many things can go wrong with our eyes. Such a super specialized organ requires a very specialized approach. As an Eye Specialist, my focus is mainly on diseases/disorders of the retina, hereditary eye disease and micro surgery operations of the retina.
I consider myself very fortunate to have the opportunity to work in Amsterdam UMC, where it is possible to combine helping people with these eye diseases, working on revolutionary scientific research, and teaching. The daily contact with patients confronted with threatening eye disease, motivates me in my scientific research into innovative therapy. There are still too many eye diseases we cannot treat effectively. Together with my team we are trying to change that.’

Prof. Dr. Camiel Boon is an Eye Specialist and a Professor Ophthamology at Amsterdam UMC. He was appointed as Professor at Amsterdam University when only 36 years old, the youngest Professor in Ophthamology in The Netherlands in the last 40 years. In 2019 he was also appointed as Professor in Ophthamology at Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC), where he worked as an Eye Specialist in the periode 2013-2021, and to this day is appointed on a part time basis as a Research Professor.
Prof. Boon has published more than 220 scientific articles , and is an author of chapters in various scientific publications. He is a well sought after speaker at national and international Eye conferences, and has received various prestigious prizes and subsidies for his scientific research. 

The scientific research of Prof. Boon’s research group is especially directed at Hereditary Eye Disease, Central Serous Chorioretinopathy and age related Macular Degeneration. The focus of the research is on new clinical insight and development of innovative new treatments such as Gen Therapy.

- Education as Eye Specialist in RadboudUMC in Nijmegen (2007-2012)
- Ph.D. Radboud University Nijmegen (cum laude, with a thesis on Hereditary Retina disorders, 2009)
- Fellow of the European Board of Ophthalmology (summa cum laude, 2011)
- Fellowship medical retinal and vitreoretinal surgery in Oxford Eye Hospital (Oxford, United Kingdom, 2012-2013)
- Fellowship vitreoretinal surgery in Rotterdam Eye Hospital (2014)