OOG- Eye Research Association 

Stop blindness in children!

OOG- Eye Research Association has set its goal on helping to finance scientific eye research and to inform patients with eye disease, and those directly involved with them, about the progress that is being made in (inter)national eye research. 

“In the field of gen and stemcel therapy there are hopeful developments, where a high financial impulse for scientific research is necessary” – according to Prof. Dr. Camiel Boon, eye specialist

We aim for:

  • Raising funds on a structural basis
  • An association with an active membership involvement
  • Passion and versatility

The entire proceeds of the donations go towards scientific research!

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Doe mee met Oog Onderzoek Genootschap

Get involved and help

Together we can make a difference!

OOG is an organisation run by dedicated volunteers, with no financial reward for those involved. Neither the advisory board, nor the “4Light” organizers receive any expenses or reward. The entire proceeds of the donations are spent on scientific research into severe eye diseases, with the focus on those in children.

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Prof. Dr. Camiel Boon

Eye Specialist and Professor Ophthamology at Amsterdam UMC

‘The Eye is such a beautiful and wonderous small organ. An instrument with a super speciality with which we can view our surroundings with all the details of its beauty and complexity. Unfortunately many things can go wrong with our eyes. Such a super specialized organ requires a very specialized approach. As an Eye Specialist, my focus is mainly on diseases/disorders of the retina, hereditary eye disease and micro surgery operations of the retina.
The daily contact with patients confronted with threatening eye disease, motivates me in my scientific research into innovative therapy. There are still too many eye diseases we cannot treat effectively. Together with my team we are trying to change that.’

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Dr. Camiel Boon
Prof. Dr. Arthur Bergen

Prof. Dr. Arthur Bergen

Professor in the Human Genetics of Eye Diseases at Amsterdam University Medical Centre (UMC)

As a 16 year old boy in the late seventies, I already dreamed of working with DNA. This was even before it was known that genetical defects played a part in hereditary eye diseases, and when it was inconceivable that it would be possible to determine the sequence of genes in DNA in humans within a few hours with advanced equipment in a laboratory. Even then I foresaw the tremendous impact that DNA research could have for man and society. That is what I wanted to contribute to. In the mid nineties the titel of my Ph.D. thesis was : “Toward DNA diagnosis and Gene Cloning of Retinal Disease Genes”; in other words: 25 years ago we were still searching for disease-genes and setting up DNA diagnosis for hereditary eye diseases. That has been successful, because today we can find a genetical DNA cause in 70% of the cases of hereditary retinal diseases. 

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